Laurence Fox slams defence of Will Smith: 'It's called a joke'

The actor rejected claims that some jokes, such as Chris Rock's gag directed at Jada Pinkett Smith, should be off limits

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Actor Laurence Fox slammed defence of Hollywood actor Will Smith, who made global headlines when slapping Oscars host Chris Rock.

The star reacted angrily to host Rock making a joke at the expense of his wife and her alopecia.

He later apologised to the Academy for his actions and is believed to have made up with the comedian.

Appearing on the clash on Dan Wootton Tonight, US journalist Ernest Owens questioned the material of Rock's joke and whether he should have made it at all.

Dan Wootton show panel
Dan Wootton show panel

He told Dan Wootton: "You just can't joke about everything.

"Making racist jokes isn't okay, making transphobia jokes isn't okay. Her baldness isn't a choice she made."

Ms Pinkett-Smith suffers from alopecia, causing hair loss on her head. Her daughter Willow revealed she would be shaving her head "down to the scalp" in future.

But Mr Fox rejected the notion that jokes should be off limits, and called for Smith to face criminal action.

Laurence Fox
Laurence Fox

He said: "It's called a joke. He should have been in jail that night.

"This man has stood up and he's gone and punched another person in the face.

"He should have gone to jail he should be charged with assault."

He also said: "i think if someone had said something that upset me or my partner I would have gone and knocked them out behind the bike sheds."

Former Olympic and British boxing champion Audley Harrison disagreed with Mr Fox's, claiming Smith's actions could have brought his family closer together.

He said: "As a man as a husband, what he done for his family will last for a lifetime.

He brought the family together by standing up and saying this is wrong, I commended him for it and i applauded him for it

"Sometimes with what they have on the line, I think what he done has brought that family together and he needed to do that to be that man, it was a big boy move and i commend him for it."