Labour to table no confidence motion in Boris Johnson's Government today

Labour sources say they are seeking to hold the confidence vote on Wednesday

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Labour is preparing to force a confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s Government, challenging Tory MPs to oust the Prime Minister as they hold a leadership contest.

The opposition will table the motion on Tuesday to hold the vote the following day, according to party sources.

Mr Johnson resigned as Conservative leader after a long line of scandals but is clinging on to office until a replacement is found, a move that has divided Tory MPs.

Labour’s bid would force Mr Johnson’s colleagues to either back the Government or vote against it, in a move that could trigger a general election.

Sir Keir Starmer
Sir Keir Starmer

The next prime minister is not expected to be announced until September 5, after the Tory party set out its timetable for the battle to replace Mr Johnson in No 10.

Sir Keir Starmer had previously threatened to bring the confidence vote to prevent “this nonsense about clinging on for a few months”.

“He’s inflicted lies, fraud and chaos in the country,” the Labour leader said last week.

“If they don’t get rid of him then Labour will step up, in the national interest, and bring a vote of no confidence, because we can’t go on with this Prime Minister clinging on for months and months to come.”