Labour MP tells of how his daughter died in hit-and-run incident 100 yards from his home

Peter Dowd tells the story of his daughter Jennie's death aged 31 to Gloria De Piero on GB News


Labour MP Peter Dowd has told Gloria De Piero in an exclusive interview with GB News that it will be "impossible to ever get over" the death of his daughter Jennie, 31, after a hit-and-run 100 yards from his home.

The MP for Bootle said on The Real Me: "I certainly haven't come to terms with it as yet and neither have members of the family or Jennie's wife."

Peter Dowd talking to GB News
Peter Dowd talking to GB News

The driver, Lucy Ashton, who admitted causing the death by careless driving left the scene of crash.

She was jailed for a year in October 2021.

Recounting the incident, Mr Dowd told GB News: "It was October-September 2020... it was about half past 9 on a Sunday morning and I got a phone call from Jennie's wife to say that Jennie's been out on a bike ride and she wasn't back.

"She was just wondering where she was because she couldn't contact her by phone."

He went on: "I just immediately thought something had happened, so I rung Fazakerley Hospital, Aintree Hospital as it's now known, to say had anybody turned up, because I thought the worst.

"And that proved to be the worst.

"She'd been admitted to the hospital having been involved in a hit-and-run collision."

Mr Dowd continued: "As it happened it was about 100 yards from where I lived.

"So as I came out of the house at about half past nine on that beautiful Sunday morning, the road was blocked off because the police were there.

Gloria De Piero talks to Peter Dowd on The Real Me
Gloria De Piero talks to Peter Dowd on The Real Me

"And what I'd heard that morning was the air ambulance sirens etc, and I didn't know Jennie was lying 100 yards away in the road.

'She was badly brain damaged it transpired and then she died nine days later on the 6th October."

Mr Dowd told Gloria De Piero he felt guilt for what had happened.

"The shock, the trauma, the disbelief, the guilt - because's she's only 100 yards from the house and you're thinking "what happens if I'd have been in the garden when that happened when she went past on the bike".

Jennie was one of 141 cyclists killed on the UK's roads that year.

The Labour MP said he will never get over his daughter's death.

"It's one of those things that would be impossible ever to get over.

"We've had colleagues in parliament's whose daughters have died or whose sons have died and I don't think you ever get over it."

He went on: "I certainly haven't come to terns with it as yet and neither have members of the family or Jennie's wife.

"It's traumatic and it affects you at different times."

Mr Dowd also praised the NHS hospital staff that cared for his daughter.

"It's important that families that are in this situation get all the support that they possible can.

"...that be prosecutorial services are as sensitive as they can be, police services are as sensitive as they can be, inevitably the hospital were absolutely fantastic."