Labour MP tells GB News she thinks politicians need 'fitness classes' to curb menopause symptoms

'Having high profile people like Penny Lancaster and Davina McCall talking about [the menopause] is really, really, really important' - Tonia Antoniazzi told GB News


Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi told GB News' Gloria De Piero on The Real Me that Members of Parliament going through the menopause "need to be, maybe, having a few fitness classes".

In an exclusive interview, the MP for Gower told Gloria "it's great" that people can speak freely about the menopause and HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

"Having high profile people like Penny Lancaster and Davina McCall talking about is really, really, really important," Ms Antoniazzi said.

"The support networks out there are increasing."

Gloria asked the Gower MP whether HRT had alleviated any difficulties she was facing as a result of the menopause.

"Yes, absolutely, it has," Ms Antoniazzi said.

She went on: "I think there's a lot of self-care that Members of Parliament need to do on top of just having the HRT.

"We need to to be maybe having a few fitness classes, going out and doing some more walking and talking together.

"There are other things apart from HRT we can be doing to make our lives a lot, lot, easier."

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has opened up about the prospect of going through the menopause and suggested Boris Johnson could benefit from experiencing imposter syndrome.

Speaking on a podcast about women over the age of 40, Scotland’s First Minister revealed she was “in the foothills” of the menopause.

In a personal discussion with author, Sam Baker, for The Shift podcast, Ms Sturgeon said she was “so far out of my comfort zone” talking about the menopause but she feels a “responsibility” to be open about any challenges she faces.

Ms Sturgeon celebrated her 51st birthday last July – the average age for a woman in the UK to reach the menopause, according to the NHS.