Kwasi Kwarteng admits to 'tough day' after 45p tax rate U-turn in address to Conservative Party conference

The Chancellor called on the party to 'move forward' during his speech in Birmingham


Kwasi Kwarteng has admitted that it has been a 'tough day' for the Government after the Chancellor opted to U-turn on the plan to scrap the 45p tax rate.

Speaking to Conservative delegates at the party's conference in Birmingham, Mr Kwarteng said: “What a day. It has been tough but we need to focus on the job in hand.

Kwasi Kwarteng says the Tories must 'focus on the job in hand'
Kwasi Kwarteng says the Tories must 'focus on the job in hand'

“We need to move forward. No more distractions. We have a plan and we need to get on and deliver it.

“That is what the public expect from the Government.”

The Chancellor used the speech to defend the Government's economic agenda, insisting the plans put forward are not radical or irresponsible.

Mr Kwarteng told the Conservative Party conference: “While we all believe in growth, we as Conservatives also believe that it is an important principle that people should keep more of the money they earn.

“I don’t need to tell you that. That isn’t radical, that isn’t irresponsible. It is a deeply-held belief that we all share as Conservatives.

“We were faced with a 70-year high tax burden. We were confronted with low growth and the path we were on was clearly unsustainable. So, that’s why we’re cutting taxes for working people.”