Kinder Surprise left child, 3, ‘dead behind the eyes and lifeless’

Charlotte Wingfield says her daughter Brooklyn-Mai contracted salmonella from the sweet treat


A three-year-old child was left looking “dead behind the eyes and lifeless” after eating a chocolate Kinder Surprise, her mother says.

Charlotte Wingfield posted photos of her daughter Brooklyn-Mai, claiming she contracted salmonella from the sweet treat.

In a post on Facebook, Ms Wingfield explained how the toddler’s temperature spiked to over 39 degrees.

She said: "Brooklyn-Mai has been so, so poorly since I picked her up from nursery on Monday.

“Seeing as I was so ill last week, I thought nothing of it than her just coming down with the tummy bug I had until she slept for 21 out of the following 24 hours and then kept falling asleep as she was doing things.

Brooklyn-Mai, 3
Brooklyn-Mai, 3

"Her temperature spiked to over 39 degrees and I struggled to disturb her. I knew something wasn't right and spoke to the GP who ran through a list of what it could be.

"I came off the phone thinking she had a viral bug. Fast forward three days and it's been confirmed she has salmonella from the Kinder chocolate she ate on Sunday.

"She's been completely dead behind the eyes and so lifeless, it's been absolutely heart-breaking to see my usually fiery, adventurous and very active baby girl be the complete opposite of everything she usually is.”

Her comments come after chocolate firm Ferrero were forced to recall all Kinder products manufactured at a site in Arlon, Belgium.

They had previously recalled covered products with best-before dates up to October 7, 2022 amid salmonella concerns.

The child's mother Charlotte Wingfield, believes she contracted salmonella from a Kinder Surprise
The child's mother Charlotte Wingfield, believes she contracted salmonella from a Kinder Surprise

Recalled products include the Kinder Surprise, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise 100g and Kinder Schokobons.

The head of incidents at the Food Standards Agency, Tina Potter said: “Consumers should follow the advice in the latest recall notice, which details all of the products which may pose a risk.

“We have emphasised to the business and the authorities in Belgium the importance of taking as precautionary an approach to their recall as possible and trust that they will continue to put consumers’ needs first in any action they take.

“We continue to work closely with UK and international partners, including the UK Health Security Agency and Food Standards Scotland, to establish how this outbreak started and make sure all necessary steps have been taken to prevent further illness.”

Dr Lesley Larkin of the UK Health Security Agency urged anyone with symptoms of salmonella should contact their GP or call NHS 111.

Dr Larkin added: “Salmonella can be spread from person to person, so anyone affected should adhere to good hygiene practice such as washing hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and avoiding handling food for others where possible, if you have symptoms.”

Symptoms of salmonella include diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever.