Kevin Maguire told he should be 'in Tower' after telling Dan Wootton he wants Queen to be 'Elizabeth the last'

Mr Maguire previously posted on social media hinting that the Queen should no longer receive the perks of her role


Kevin Maguire has been told that he should be in the “Tower of London" after telling Dan Wootton that the Queen should be “Elizabeth the last”.

The Queen missed the State Opening of Parliament for the first time in 59 years earlier this week as she struggles with her mobility.

But Mr Maguire said he believes she "should be Elizabeth the last".

Calvin Robinson and Kevin Maguire
Calvin Robinson and Kevin Maguire
The Queen missed the Opening of Parliament earlier this week
The Queen missed the Opening of Parliament earlier this week

Speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, the Daily Mirror Associate Editor said: “A lot of people will be believing it's somewhat cruel that she is still there at 96 and the fact is a lot of people have to step down for doing their jobs.

“She’s going to get older, she’s going to get frailer.

“She should be Elizabeth the last in my view, we should go to a republic and be democratic about this and decide who our head of state is.

“But just keeping her there when she can’t do her job."

Before Dan stepped in to say: “She is doing her job, she just can’t travel in public.”

And Conservative commentator Calvin Robinson later hit out at Mr Maguire’s comments both in the tweet and on during tonight’s debate.

Mr Robinson said: “If Twitter was around 100 years ago, you would’ve been in the Tower for what you tweeted.”

To which Mr Maguire questioned: “What about now?”

But Mr Robinson added: "I still think it’s quite treacherous to dismissively talk about Her Majesty the Queen in such a way, to say you want to kick her out and say she’s on welfare street, not just for the Queen but for all of us.”

The "Tower" refers to the Tower of London, which was used as a prison between the 12th and 20th century.