Kerry Katona rages over UK passport delays after revealing plans to move to Spain: ‘I might have to swim’

Katona says she can't get an appointment at the Passport Office, describing her situation as a "nightmare"

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Kerry Katona has been left raging after struggling to renew her passport.

The former singer has recently opened up about moving to Spain alongside her partner Ryan Mahoney.

The former singer said: "We are likely to do another 12 months in the UK.

"You can hop on a plane and be in Marbella in less time. So, that’s our plan. It’s exciting.

Katona has slammed the delays in passport renewals
Katona has slammed the delays in passport renewals
Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona

"We will start looking at schools soon to get an idea of what we’re getting into. So much of my work is online now, so it does make sense to think about a new start."

But since her comments to OK! Magazine, Katona has explained how renewing her passport has been a "nightmare".

Speaking in a video post on Instagram, she said: “Anyone else struggling with getting a passport appointment? Can’t get one for love nor money!

"We think we're going to go to Spain, and live out there."

She continued: "But I can't get a passport. I need to get a passport.

"I can't even get a bl**dy appointment at the Passport Office at all. I'm having a nightmare.

"My passport ran out. I was supposed to go to Jason Vale's retreat but I thought, I can't go, because my passport's run out.

"Try and get an appointment at the Passport Office - can't get one. So I might have to swim."

This comes after Home Office minister Kevin Foster said anyone heading overseas this summer should submit passport applications as soon as possible.

He added that the Government is “confident” it will not need to extend the 10-week target for processing requests.