Keir Starmer’s best friend is Liz Truss as he seeks to 'kill off Labour’s socialist heart’, Len McCluskey tells GB News

Len McCluskey, a former trade union chief, said he has 'lost all trust' in the Labour leader, describing him as a 'liar'

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Sir Keir Starmer’s best friend at the moment is Prime Minister Liz Truss and the Conservative Government, Len McCluskey has told GB News.

Mr McCluskey, a former trade union chief, said he met Sir Keir, alongside other members of the Labour party, to attempt to come to an agreement after former leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party in October 2020.

But after all parties agreed to a statement which would see Mr Corbyn reinstated, Sir Keir opted to withdraw his whip.

As a result, Mr McCluskey said he has lost all trust for the Labour leader, describing him as a liar.

Len McCluskey
Len McCluskey

Speaking on GB News' Life and Times with Gloria De Piero, Mr McCluskey said: “He did the worse thing possible and he suspended Jeremy Corbyn, the previous leader from the party.

“I personally went to see him, along with John Trickett, we met him, Morgan McSweeney and Angi Rayner literally a day after he suspended Jeremy, October 30.

“To cut a long story short he said he didn’t want an internal war and if Jeremy would agree a particular statement then we’d all get back to normal, he’d be back in.

“So a statement was put together by his team, Simon Fletcher, Morgan McSweeney and John Trickett.

“It was delivered to me the following day, I spoke to McSweeney I said ‘you’re seeking on behalf of Keir, Keir wants this?’ (He said) ‘Yes, yes, yes’.”

He added: “We then persuaded Jeremy to accept the statement, as you know the process produced a unanimous decision from the NEC panel to lift the suspension on Jeremy and bring him back to the fold.

“And that night Keir withdrew the whip, absolutely disgraceful.

“It was at that moment that I lost any trust in Keir Starmer, the man’s a liar.

Sir Keir Starmer
Sir Keir Starmer

“As far as I’m concerned, people have said to me ‘why did you lose trust?’ I’ve been a negotiator all my life and when you’ve cut a deal with somebody and they then renege on the deal the trust is obviously broken.

“And vice versa, if I broke the deal, then companies wouldn’t deal with me.”

Mr McCluskey has also accused Sir Keir of “reneging on all of his ten pledges”, which has seen him lead a “disunited party.”

While the former trade chief also believes the Labour leader is “seeking to kill off once and for all the socialist heart” of the party.

He added: “I’m afraid what has happened since with Keir, he said to me when I first spoke to him "Len the most important thing for me is unity within the party”.

“I said to him you’ll get that Keir, everyone is desperate for unity, we’ve just had four years of Jeremy being cut to ribbons, internal fighting, the left want unity and we will support you.

“He’s done the exact opposite, he’s reneged on all of his ten pledges, he’s got a disunited party, I know the conference went well or him.

“I think his best friend at the moment is Liz Truss and the Conservative Government.

“But he completely turned circle and he’s now completely attacking the left, not just marginalising, but I think seeking to drive the left out of the Labour Party, seeking to kill off once and for all the socialist heart of the Labour Party which has been there since its inception.”