Keir Starmer is making Brexit 'boring' so we stop talking about it - says Nigel Farage

Sir Keir Starmer has outlined his five-point plan to tackle Brexit in a speech this evening


Sir Keir Starmer is making Brexit "boring" according to GB News Presenter Nigel Farage, following a discussion with guest former Labour adviser Scarlett MccGwire.

Discussing the highly anticipated five-point plan from the Labour leader, former MEP Nigel exclaimed: "'What he's really trying to say is let's make Brexit boring."

Speaking at the Centre for European Reform on Monday evening, Sir Keir promised to "make Brexit work" outlining how he plans to "end the Brexit division once and for all".

The Labour leader has committed to "sort out the poor deal Boris Johnson signed", pledging not to go back into the single market, customs union or returning to free movement agreements.

Former Labour Adviser Scarlett MccGwire, commended Sir Keir's efforts stating: "I do believe he thinks he can make Brexit work in a way it isn't really working at the moment."

The first point detailed in Labour's plan will be addressing the protocol, which Sir Keir will say "has to be the starting point" to make Brexit work.

Nigel Farage slammed Sir Keir for making Brexit 'boring'
Nigel Farage slammed Sir Keir for making Brexit 'boring'
Sir Keir Starmer will announce his five-point plan this evening
Sir Keir Starmer will announce his five-point plan this evening

The treaty was agreed by the UK and the EU to avoid a hard border being introduced on the island of Ireland after Brexit.

Ms MccGwire continued stating: "The real problem of the Northern Ireland Protocol is the unionists are opposed to its existence and so by doing the megaphoned diplomacy that Boris Johnson is doing is pretending it's all about the EU."

The protocol has led to a trade barrier in the Irish Sea, causing problems on moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and angering unionists - including the DUP, who have refused to form a government in Stormont until the protocol is scrapped.

The proposals fall in the wake of claims the UK government is pushing forward with the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, enabling it to ditch parts of the deal signed by Mr Johnson in 2019.

SIr Keir Starmer resinged as Junior Shadow Minister under Jeremy Corbyn is June 2016, following the results of the Brexit referendum.

He returned to the Labour frontbench as shadow Brexit secretary in the following month, spending the next four years campaigning to mitigate the result, which he described as “catastrophic”, while at the same time retaining voters in “red wall” constituencies.

Addressing the Centre for European Reform earlier today, Sir Keir demonstrated his change in tune, saying: “There are some who say: ‘We don’t need to make Brexit work – we need to reverse it'.

“I couldn’t disagree more."