Kate Beckinsale offered 'saveloy, chips and a pint’ by man who had penis on his arm

A man who had a penis on his arm for six years has offered to take Kate Beckinsale “for saveloy and chips” followed by a "pint" at a "local boozer"


The actress took to Instagram to refer to an article about 47-year-old Malcolm MacDonald.

The mechanic reportedly had to live with a fake penis attached to his forearm for six years after his real one fell off in a toilet.

Beckinsale, 48, posted the article to her 5.3 million followers on social media and told them: “This man said, ‘It’s not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm.

"'Of course, I see the funny side.'

"Of course he is from the UK.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

"Of course he has done a photoshoot down the rec with a willy hanging out of his sleeve.

"Feel momentarily better. God bless you, Malcolm xxx.”

In response, Mr MacDonald told The Sun: “I’d be happy to take her out for saveloy and chips, any time. I’ll pay.

"But she’ll have to come to Thetford.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

“She seems like a nice girl and it’s great she’s read my story and what I’ve been through.

"The kisses are a nice touch too. I’m ready for dating again, so why not her?

"I’ll even treat her to a pint down at my local boozer.”

It comes after a documentary recounted Mr MacDonald’s ordeal, which began when a blood infection caused his penis to fall off in 2010.

A doctor built him a new one to be attached in 2015 – but a lack of oxygen in the blood meant it had to be attached temporarily to his arm.

It was removed in a nine-hour operation last October.