Karol Sikora hits back at Tony Blair Institute over Covid vaccine calls: ‘I entirely disagree’

Mr Sikora said: "No doubt calls for vaccine passports would follow" and that "can't happen again"


Karol Sikora has hit back at calls from the Tony Blair Institute to give every person aged over 18 another Covid-19 booster jab this autumn.

In a paper released on Tuesday, titled “Three Months to Save the NHS”, the Institute, set up by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, called on the Government to prepare for an “existential crisis this winter.”

The paper also set out several action points they’d like the government to look into, which included Covid-19 and flu vaccine strategies to be extended to everyone over the age of 18 and not just over 50s this autumn.

Reacting to this news, Mr Sikora wrote on Twitter: “I entirely disagree with calls from The Tony Blair Institute to give every adult another COVID booster.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair
Karol Sikora
Karol Sikora

“Offer it to the elderly and the vulnerable, and use those resources on something far more worthwhile.

“No doubt calls for vaccine passports would follow.

“Can't happen again.”

The Institute also urged the Government to be prepared to reinstate mandatory mask wearing requirements on public transport.

They said: “At times of high Covid-19 transmission, or when there is an elevated general risk (such as when a new variant emerges), or a higher likelihood of severe outcomes (when an outbreak coincides with the flu season), the government should be prepared to reinstate the mask requirements that were in place.

“This would mean mandatory mask wearing on public transport and most indoor public venues (excluding hospitality) during the winter.

“The Government should reserve the capability to activate such a plan quickly, if necessary.”