Justin Trudeau’s half-brother says Canadian truckers are protesting against ‘house of cards of lies’

Trudeau's brother told Dan Wootton the Canadian trucker convoy had 'created a sense of an opportunity for unity'

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Kyle Kemper, brother of Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, has exclusively told GB News that Canadian truckers and citizens across the country are protesting against “a house of cards of lies", when it comes to Covid-19 restrictions.

Speaking on the Dan Wootton Tonight show on Tuesday evening, Kyle Kemper told viewers that vast segments of Canadians “don’t believe the lies anymore, they’re done with the fear, they have woken up, they see that this is all a house of cards of lies.”

“They have serious questions around the safety of our children’s future around what Canada is going to become”, Mr Kemper told Dan Wootton.

Justin Trudeau's brother said the Canadian trucker convoy had “created a sense of an opportunity for unity and for people to come together”, claiming truckers were cleaning the streets “and crime is down.”

Kyle Kemper went on to speak about the troubles facing his brother Justin Trudeau, telling GB News viewers: “They say you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family... over the last decade we've drifted apart philosophically and politically.”

“I haven't talked to my brother in a while, but to Justin I say I love you. I'm sorry. If I'm causing you harm. Please forgive me. And I'm deeply grateful to you, brother.”

Speaking on past accusation of ‘black facing’, Kyle Kemper said Justin Trudeau has “done some things that I’m sure he regrets” adding he also thought it was “kind of telling” that someone who speaks and casts hate onto other groups “are themselves representing hate and division”.

On Monday, the mayor of Canada’s capital declared a state of emergency as protesters opposed to Covid-19 restrictions continued to paralyse Ottawa’s downtown.

The “freedom truck convoy” has attracted support from many US Republicans including former president Donald Trump, who called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “far left lunatic” who has “destroyed Canada with insane Covid mandates”.

After crowdfunding site GoFundMe said it would refund or redirect to charities the vast majority of the millions raised by demonstrators protesting in the Canadian capital, prominent US Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis complained.

But GoFundMe had already changed its mind and said it would be issuing refunds to all.

The site said it cut off funding for the organisers because it had determined the effort violated the site’s terms of service due to unlawful activity.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has called the ongoing situation in Ottawa an occupation.