Jurgen Klopp defends Liverpool fans' booing national anthem: 'They wouldn't have done it without reason'

The Liverpool manager said Reds supporters would not jeered at 'God Save The Queen' or the Duke of Cambridge "if there was not a reason"


Jurgen Klopp claimed Liverpool fans would not have booed the national anthem or the Duke of Cambridge at the FA Cup final “if there was not a reason”.

Some Reds supporters controversially jeered as ‘God Save The Queen’ was sung and as Prince William, the president of the Football Association, was presented to players prior to Saturday’s showpiece against Chelsea at Wembley.

There was also booing from Liverpool fans as ‘Abide With Me’, the cup final’s traditional hymn, was sung.

Liverpool manager Klopp admitted he did not enjoy the booing but did not condemn it when asked for his thoughts at a press conference on Monday.

The German said: “Of course I have thoughts, but I think in these situations it’s always best to ask the question, ‘Why does it happen?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp
The Duke of Cambridge presents Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold with his medal.
The Duke of Cambridge presents Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold with his medal.

“I know our people that well that they wouldn’t do it if there was no reason for it. I’ve not been here long enough to understand the reason for it – it’s for sure something historical – and that’s probably questions you can answer much better than I could ever.

“The majority of our supporters are wonderful people, really smart. They understand, go through lows, go through highs, suffer together.

“They wouldn’t do it if there was not a reason. That’s what I know. It’s not something I enjoyed but that’s (my) answer.”

The booing has been condemned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Asked whether the Prime Minister thought there was ever a reason to boo the national anthem, his official spokesman said: “No. Obviously the events over the weekend, it was a great shame that as we were marking 150 years of the FA Cup, an event that brings people together, that a small minority chose to act in that way.”

Liverpool won the cup on penalties after the match ended goalless after extra-time.