Joe Biden to start European tour with crunch NATO meeting to ramp up pressure on Putin

Mr Biden is expected to announce more Russia-related sanctions on Thursday


Joe Biden will begin his European tour with crucial NATO talks over the ongoing Russian invasion on Ukraine.

The US President has been criticised for his lack of activity during the attack so far, which started on February 24.

Many people have also hit out at his slowness in implementing sanctions on Russia and influential figures associated with them, while other Western countries have acted swiftly.

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden
The NATO meeting is set to intensify pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin
The NATO meeting is set to intensify pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin

But during Thursday’s meeting with NATO leaders, Mr Biden will announce a package of Russia-related sanctions on political figures and oligarchs, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan has revealed.

Mr Sullivan added that G7 leaders will also agree on Thursday to coordinate on sanctions enforcement and plan to issue a statement.

The US will have more to say about European energy issues on Friday, the adviser said.

Nigel Farage, who covered the 2020 US President said live on GB News on Monday that the slow progress wouldn't have happened if Donald Trump was still in office.

Mr Farage said: "Joe Biden is the President, he’s coming to Europe this Wednesday, he’s going to Brussels, he’ll visit NATO headquarters, he’ll visit the European Union before then going on to Poland.

“Had Donald Trump been President he would have been in Europe three weeks ago, but we know Biden has been spending his weekends in Delaware.

“He’s supposed to be the leader of the free world, the main player in NATO and frankly this visit has come very, very late."