Joe Biden to send migrants to Spain amid crippling refugee crisis

The American President is finalising a deal as migrant crisis grows


US President Joe Biden is finalising a deal with Spain which will see migrants from the US-Mexico border resettled across the Atlantic.

In a move to relieve pressure on the crippling migrant crisis, the deal follows a decision by Canada to assist America by taking in migrants from Haiti.

Proposals are still underway and are in the stages of negotiation, but its understood the plans will be showcased at the Summit of the Americas next week.

Mr Biden has been vocal about the global co-operation to tackle the pressures of the migrant crisis, which has substantially deteriorated since his appointment.

The deal is set to benefit Spain, as they are currently suffering from soaring rates of unemployment, the highest in the EU at a whopping 13.5 percent.

US President Joe Biden is to send migrants across the Atlantic to Spain
US President Joe Biden is to send migrants across the Atlantic to Spain

Unions and companies across Spain have welcomed the move as the tourism sector has over 100,000 vacancies.

The country are in dire need for building workers, with vacancies topping over half a million.

Axios, the US news website stated that internal planning documents reviewed by the company, uncover the numbers of migrants initially set to be resettled are "modest".

Speculation has begun, with many wondering if those who have been accepted by Spain for resettlement would have to apply at US embassies and consulates outside the US.

Official statistics revealed at least 1.5 million Latin Americans, excluding Brazilians currently reside in Spain.

Spain has been a popular choice for many Latin American migrants as they share the language.

Between 2015 and 2022, Canada welcomed 1,500 migrants from the area, but it may announce a higher aim to bring in 5,000 refugees across the next few years.

Announcements follows the UK's decision to send migrants who have crossed the English Channel to Rwanda in coming weeks.

The first flight to the African country is set to depart the UK on the June 14.