Joe Biden struggles to put his jacket on and needs wife Jill to help during Kentucky trip

Jill Biden came to the US President's aid after the pair disembarked from the Marine One helicopter


Joe Biden has been pictured struggling to put on his jacket during a trip to Kentucky.

Footage showed Mr Biden and his wife Jill Biden disembarking from the President’s Marine One helicopter before he got into a spot of bother.

After getting his right arm in the jacket with no problems, Mr Biden spent more than 10 seconds attempting to put his left arm in the other sleeve.

But after being unable to, the US President seemed to ask Ms Biden to step in and help.

Joe Biden needed help from his wife Jill to put his jacket on
Joe Biden needed help from his wife Jill to put his jacket on
Mr Biden have recently recovered from Covid-19
Mr Biden have recently recovered from Covid-19

Mr Biden, who has just recovered from Covid-19, then waked away from the helicopter before dropping his sunglasses on the floor.

The 79-year-old quickly picked up the glasses from the tarmac before continuing to walk away from the helicopter.

While Mr Biden also seemed to forget he was President during a speech after returning from Covid-19 isolation.

The US President said: "Now I know most families are focused on putting three meals on the table, taking care of their kids and paying their bills.

"Helping you do that is my job, it’s the president’s job as well."

As well as appearing to forget what his job was, the 46th President also seemed to unexpectedly pause between words as he said the phrase "putting three meals on the table."

Last month, Mr Biden made a geography blunder during a speech in which he dubbed climate change a "clear and present danger".

Illustrating his point, he referred to the COP26 climate conference, held in Glasgow in October 2021.

But he mistakenly referred to Glasgow as being in England, in a gaffe that raised eyebrows in the UK.

He said: "Folks, with American leadership back on climate, I was able to bring more world leaders together than — we got 100 nations together to agree that — at the major conference in Glasgow, England."

Mr Biden quickly corrected his error, clarifying: "I mean, Scotland — to change the emissions policies we had."