Joe Biden snubs Boris Johnson in statement following PM’s resignation

Joe Biden made the statement just hours after Mr Johnson announced his resignation


President Joe Biden has snubbed Boris Johnson in a statement made following the Prime Minister's resignation.

Mr Johnson stepped down as Tory Party leader on Thursday after pressure mounted on the PM following the Chris Pincher scandal.

Speaking after the announcement, the US President said he looks forward to further close cooperation with the British Government, without mentioning Mr Johnson.

In a statement he said: "The United Kingdom and the United States are the closest of friends and Allies, and the special relationship between our people remains strong and enduring

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday
US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

"I look forward to continuing our close cooperation with the Government of the United Kingdom, as well as our Allies and partners around the world, on a range of important priorities.

That includes "maintaining a strong and united approach to supporting the people of Ukraine," Mr Biden said.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre noted that Mr Biden and Mr Johnson had met recently during the President's trip to Europe.

"They had a pretty friendly and close interaction," Ms Jean-Pierre told reporters.

She added: "We believe our alliance with the United Kingdom will continue to be strong."

The two countries have had historically close ties, including partnering in the US-led Iraq invasion.

But while former President Barack Obama urged British voters to support staying in the European Union ahead of its "Brexit" referendum; Mr Johnson was one of the loudest voices pushing Britain to leave the European Union.