Joe Biden appears lost in his own garden in concerning footage

Worrying footage shows the 79-year-old appearing to ask his staff 'where do we go?'


US President Joe Biden appeared confused as he approached the White House following a tree planting event on the South Lawn.

Concerning footage shows the 79-year-old appearing to ask his staff "where do we go?" after he attended the event which honoured the White House groundskeeper.

Joe Biden speaks to security.
Joe Biden speaks to security.

After the security point him towards the right direction, he appears to exclaim that he wanted to go the other way.

Biden sarcastically remarks "you notice how much freedom I have?" as he follows the Secret Service.

The strange moment follows a series of incidents that have resulted in the president's health being called into question.

In the most recent occasion, Joe Biden had just attended a tree-planting event with his wife Jill Biden in honour of Groundskeeper Dale Haney as he marked 50 years of work in the White House.

As the ceremony came to a conclusion, the US President began walking in one direction before stopping, appearing confused, before security ushered him into a different direction.

The US President marked Rishi Sunak's accession to PM with a tweet.

Biden, who earlier described Mr Sunak’s appointment as the first person of colour to be the UK’s Prime Minister as a “groundbreaking milestone”, tweeted on Tuesday: “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak on becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“Together, I look forward to enhancing our cooperation on issues critical to global security and prosperity, including continuing our strong support for Ukraine.”