Jodie Marsh calls for separate category for trans athletes: ‘I’m never going to beat a man in a running race’

Jodie Marsh told Nigel Farage: "Biology tells us that men are stronger and faster" than women

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Jodie Marsh has called for a separate category for transgender athletes, saying: “I’m never going to beat a man in a running race.”

The debate was heightened after trans athlete Lia Thomas sparked outrage when she became the first transgender woman to win an NCAA swimming title earlier this year.

Since then, many people have weighed in on the topic, with many calling for trans women to be banned from female events.

When asked on where she stood on the debate, Ms Marsh told Nigel Farage on GB News’ Farage: “I think there should be a separate category for trans.

Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh
Lia Thomas
Lia Thomas

“Women who used to be men should not be allowed to compete in women’s races.

“Because naturally biology tells us that men are stronger and faster and all the rest of it.

“I’m never going to beat a man in a running race, ever.”

Her comments come days after the Irish Rugby Football Union announced that it is to ban trans women and girls over the age of 12 from playing female contact rugby, in a decision that has been met with criticism from trans rights groups.

The rugby organisation said that two registered players are affected by the decision, which is to come into effect in the forthcoming season.

While transgender women will not be able to compete against athletes born female in triathlon events in Britain from the start of next year.

Competition at elite and grassroots level from the age of 12 and over will be split into a female category and an open category, which will welcome male, transgender and non-binary athletes.

The female category will be open solely to athletes assigned the female sex at birth.

It follows on from swimming’s world governing body FINA deciding last month that any athlete who had undergone male puberty would be barred from its elite female events.