JK Rowling takes aim at Billy Bragg and 'men defining what a woman is' in trans Twitter row

The singer had shared a clip of Graham Norton discussing cancel culture at a literary festival

Author JK Rowling entered into another Twitter row with the singer and activist Billy Bragg, as she claimed 'bearded men' are defining what a woman is and that he was 'throwing support behind rape and death threats'.

The author's tweets came after after the songwriter shared a clip of an interview with Graham Norton, where the TV host slammed those who claim to have been 'cancelled' yet who still have a large platform, and are seen writing articles or being interviewed about the issue.

He added that 'cancel culture' is 'the wrong word', and it should instead be replaced with 'accountability' for what people say.

Mr Bragg had reshared the interview saying that Norton was 'really good' on cancel culture and 'JK Rowling'.

The Harry Potter creator then hit back saying she was 'enjoying the recent spate of bearded men stepping confidently onto their soapboxes to define what a woman is and throw their support behind rape and death threats.'

At no point in the exchange did Mr Bragg attempt to define what a woman is - and simply seemed to support Norton's suggestion that ''If people want to shine a light on those issues then talk to trans people. Talk to the parents of trans kids, talk to doctors, talk to scientists.

'Talk to someone who can illuminate it in some way.'

She also appeared to take a thinly veiled swipe at both Mr Norton and Mr Bragg, claiming they were misogynists, as she added in a reply: 'I like beards. I just don't like them when they're attached to misogynists.'

Mr Bragg later replied to her tweet and said: 'Hard to think of anything that better illustrates Graham Norton's point than the sight of someone with 13.9m followers reacting to a call for a fair hearing for trans teens and their parents by equating it to *checks notes* support for rape and death threats.'

In a series of tweets in response to the children's author, he continued 'Im not complaining that you have a view, JK. I'm complaining that you conflate my view with support for rape and death threats. I have never expressed such sentiments and if you had any self respect you would apologise for making such a blatantly inflammatory accusation'.

JK Rowling has sparked multiple controversies over her views on trans rights in recent years, and says she has received death threats and rape threats from those who disagree with her.