JK Rowling challenges trans charity Mermaids to sue her in Twitter spat

Rowling had taken to Twitter saying that the charity had achieved an unprecedented influence in the UK

JK Rowling has challenged television presenter and trans-activist India Willoughby to sue her in a Twitter row, after the author criticised celebrities who had backed the controversial trans charity, Mermaids.

Rowling had taken to Twitter saying that the charity had achieved an unprecedented influence in the UK with the help of 'certain celebrities' who boosted them, despite 'red flags'.

Ms Willoughby responded to Rowling tweeting: 'Someone needs to take legal action against JK Rowling. This is off the sale. The GC tactic seems to be to drown the trans charity Mermaids in a tsunami of innuendo and lies.'

Rowling then challenged Willoughby and Mermaids:

'India, I swear to God, if you want to start a petition for Mermaids to take me on in court, the first signature will be mine.'

The social media exchange comes after Ms Rowling tweeted a series of criticisms of the children's charity saying:

'We've now learned that Mermaids appointed a paedophilia apologist as Trustee and that their online moderator encouraged kids to move onto a platform notorious for sexual exploitation. This is a charity that's achieved unprecedented influence in the UK.

'They couldn't have achieved it without the money and public support of certain corporations and celebrities, who eagerly boosted them even though the red flags have been there for years. Mermaids' fingers were all over the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic debacle.

'They've been allowed into classrooms, trained police and had unprecedented influence over health policy, even though by their own admission they aren't a medical charity. We've also found out they're sending devices to flatten breasts to underage girls w/o parental consent. 4/5

'So I don't doubt that there are some panicky phone calls being placed to PR people by certain corporations and celebrities right now, but as they remain completely insulated from the severe harm they've enabled, my sympathy can be measured in gnats' thimbles. 5/X'

The best-selling author and gender critical campaigner was responding to reports that in 2011 Mermaids trustee Dr Jacob Breslow presented research at an an event in Baltimore which appeared to criticise society's understanding of paedophiles. The charity also came under fire recently as it was accused of giving chest-flattening devices to young girls without their parents consent.

The Trustee resigned from his position at Mermaids on Monday evening.

Celebrities including Jameela Jamil and Emma Watson have been vocal supporters of the charity.