Jim Davidson claims BBC paid him £1million to ‘go away’ as comedian hits out at cancel culture

Mr Davidson told GB News he used some of the money to set up his own streaming service, called Ustreme


Jim Davidson claims the BBC paid him £1million to “go away” as he spoke out about cancel culture.

Mr Davidson has recently launched his very own streaming service, called Ustreme and claims to have signed up 10,000 subscribers in the first year.

And speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight about his experiences of being cancelled, the comedian claimed he used money given to him by the BBC to fund his new service.

Mr Davidson said: “You get the odd theatre that cancels you, because it’s whatever the council is, if it’s a real lefty council they say ‘ohh we don’t want that Jim Davidson here’.

“The worst I’ve ever been cancelled was from the BBC, I was on every Saturday night with the Big Break and The Generation Game.

Jim Davidson speaking to Dan Wootton
Jim Davidson speaking to Dan Wootton
Mr Davidson claims the BBC paid him £1m to "go away"
Mr Davidson claims the BBC paid him £1m to "go away"

“And then along came the BBC and said we don’t want to make another series with you thank you very much, you awful little Tory voting person, working class, we don’t really need you here.

“And they gave me a million quid to go away."

He continued: “So I used some of that million quid to make my own TV station so I don’t have to worry about the BBC anymore.

“But being cancelled by some unknown person In an office because they’re upset about something that they heard you do is awful, not just for me but for everybody.”

During the interview with GB News, Mr Davidson also slammed Netflix and claims his new streaming service is for people "who want to laugh like they used to".

He added: "People are getting sick of it and it’s people listening to what you say make them think hang on, we’re being duped here, we’re being taken down the river by people saying you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

"And Netflix scratch their heads and wonder why they’re losing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of subscribers because they’re piling stuff on hoping there is something for everybody.

"My channel is something for the people I know, who want to laugh like they used to and it’s great.

"Year one we’ve had 10,000 subscribers through the door, we’ve signed up Jethro’s old stuff, Freddie Starr’s old stuff, all the things that we used to laugh at.

"But you don’t have to laugh at them behind closed doors, you don’t have to say here I’ve got a little something under the counter for you my son, here’s Chubby Brown. No that’s all gone."

GB News has approached the BBC for comment.