Jeremy Corbyn would have become Prime Minister had Vote Leave not won - Dominic Cummings claims

The ex chief adviser to the Prime Minister said if Corbyn was in chargethe Covid death toll could have been worse


Dominic Cummings has claimed Jeremy Corbyn would be sat in No.10 had Vote Leave not been pushed through.

Mr Cummings credits himself for Vote Leave's triumph, claiming Boris Johnson's wife Carrie called him personally to make sure it was pushed through.

His support to the Prime Minister, Mr Cumming's believes, was paramount avoiding complete destruction of Parliament especially when colliding with Covid in March 2020.

"God only knows what would have happened, " he adds.

"Possibly with Corbyn as Prime Minister. Even more people killed. F*** knows what".

He added: "It’s one thing to stand back and let the horror of the Tory party blow up, it’s another thing to let Corbyn take over".

In an interview with Suzanne Moore for UnHerd, Mr Cummings said elements of the report were bold, highlighting the fact that she stopped investigating the party in the flat as the police became involved.

Mr Cummings said if Corbyn had been Prime Minister "Even more people killed".
Mr Cummings said if Corbyn had been Prime Minister "Even more people killed".

Expanding upon the so called "victory party" which was held inside Number Ten on 13 November 2020, following the ousting of Mr Cummings from his position, he added how the media were "happy that I'd gone", disregarding reports of the gathering.

He added that: "Dozens of people downstairs could hear it, so all the police had to do was interview any one of them to find out.

"You don’t have a work meeting, at the top of Number 10, where the music is so loud that you can hear it in the f****** press office".

When probed on whether he feels bad for aiding Boris in his election campaign, Mr Cummings replied: "I don't feel bad about it" adding, "Various people from Vote Leave were attracted to the idea of just staying out of it and letting the Tory party collapse".

Cummings is not currently a member of any political party and said: "I’m not a joiner by nature. I don’t like parties. Parties or parties. I don’t like going to parties".

Cummings resigned from his role in November 2020 following a power struggle within the immediate cabinet.