Jeremy Corbyn dubbed a 'disgrace' for condemning UK's backing of Ukraine: 'Moscow will re-broadcast his words'

The former Labour leader claimed the West's supplying of arms to Ukraine will "prolong" the country's war with Russia


Jeremy Corbyn has been branded a "disgrace" following his criticism of the UK for "pouring arms into Ukraine" as opposed to seeking peace with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The former Labour leader expressed concern over the West assisting Ukraine, insisting it will "prolong and exaggerate" the war with Russia.

Mr Corbyn made the controversial comments during an interview with Al Mayadeen, a Lebanon-based TV channel accused of having sympathies with terrorist organisation Hezbollah and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Currently sat as an independent MP after having the whip removed in 2020, Labour sources are said to have remarked that his comments will make readmission less likely.

Jeremy Corbyn had the Labour whip removed in 2020.
Jeremy Corbyn had the Labour whip removed in 2020.
The former Labour leader has hit out at the Government's spending in Ukraine.
The former Labour leader has hit out at the Government's spending in Ukraine.

Conservative MP Alexander Stafford, who has Ukrainian heritage, told the Daily Mail: "These comments are an absolute disgrace and smack of the worst type of appeasement.

"History is clear that the only way to stop despots attacking innocents is to show strength."

Labour has backed the Government's spending on the war in Ukraine, which amounts to over £2.3billion, as it looks to assist the war effort fronted by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

A Labour source told the Mail that it is "difficult" to see Mr Corbyn being admitted back into the party following the comments.

He said: "There cannot be any ambiguity about the choice [Mr Corbyn] is making, and that is to put himself outside the Labour mainstream.

"It is difficult to see a path back for him if this is the position he continues to articulate."

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Commons defence committee, warned: "Russia will re-broadcast his words in an attempt to show UK support for Ukraine is slipping."

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said "he has always condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine...[and] he has a long record as a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin."

Mr Corbyn's comments followed David Cameron, Sir Keir Starmer and BBC presenter Huw Edwards becoming the latest UK politicians and journalists to be banned from Russia.

The Russian foreign ministry issued a list of 39 newly sanctioned individuals it said are no longer allowed to enter the Russian Federation.

It said the action was in response to UK sanctions issued against Russian ministers, officials and members of influential families linked to the Kremlin following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.