Jealous ex plotted to kill former lover with detailed to-do list and 'murder tool belt'

Sophie George
Sophie George

Sophie George was caught with items such as protective clothing, cleaning equipment such as bleach, duct tape and a Stanley knife


A woman in Brighton who plotted to kidnap, torture and murder a former lover – by following a detailed ‘to-do list’ - has been jailed.

Sophie George, who was 18 at the time, arranged to be picked up by a man who was known to her shortly after midnight on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

On the way to his house she asked if they could take a detour, during which she jumped out and collected two filled shopping bags.

As the pair continued on their journey, George, 20, became insistent they drive to a nearby park and on several occasions grabbed the wheel.

Sophie George
Sophie George

As her victim – a 23-year-old man – resisted, George pulled out a knife in Selsfield Drive and threatened him.

A struggle ensued as the pair left the van and fought in the street, during which the victim managed to throw the knife into a bush.

George bit her victim’s finger down to the bone while he made a 999 call to the police, as did a watching member of the public.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested George on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and possession of a bladed article, but a search of her shopping bags and address uncovered even more sinister intentions.

The bags contained items such as protective clothing, cleaning equipment such as bleach, duct tape and a Stanley knife – all linked to plans to kidnap, murder and ultimately cover up her crimes.

Items found on Sophie George
Items found on Sophie George

A search of her address also found a number of notes in the form of ‘to-do lists’, featuring plans including ‘drive to grave site’, ‘tourture [sic]’ and ‘walk him to site, kill and bury’.

George was subsequently charged with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon, to which she pleaded guilty at trial in May, 2021.

She was remanded in custody and sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Wednesday.

Detective Superintendent Jon Hull said: “This was a cold, pre-meditated plan to kidnap, torture and murder an innocent man, with clear steps to then cover-up the crime.

“I am in no doubt that George would have followed through with her hugely disturbing ‘to-do list’ were it not for the victim overpowering her and the prompt response of our officers to bring her into custody.

“I would like to thank the victim for his support in this investigation, the member of the public who called 999 and everyone involved – particularly Detective Paul Thomas who was in charge of the investigation - for helping to take a dangerous individual off the streets.”

George, now 20, Brighton, was jailed for 13-and-a-half years on Wednesday after pleading guilty to attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.