Is 'ultra-woke' identity politics indoctrinating pupils at an expensive London school?

Worried parents have sent a 12 page document to the headteacher


Pupils at London's most expensive day school are being 'indoctrinated' by 'ultra-woke' identity politics, claim a group of parents. The American School in London counts celebrities and the super wealthy among those who send their offspring there.

A group of worried parents has sent a 12 page document to the headteacher complaining that students are being taught 'divisive' 'critical race theory' - an import from the US - which they say is discriminatory, with its focus on 'white privilege'.

Hugh and Alexandra Cochrane who have two children at the school spoke to Simon McCoy and Alex Phillips. Their concerns arose during the homeschooling of COVID, they said "where we were actually in the same room as our children...we would hear teachers teaching them things that we felt were politically motivated and were not factually correct.