Insulate Britain: Viral mum who clashed with protesters says 'everyone hates you'

Sherrilyn Speid, who went viral after clashing with Insulate Britain protesters, said 'I’m standing up for all the other single mums out there'


A mother who went viral after confronting Insulate Britain protesters says she did it for her son.

Sherrilyn Speid told Dan Wootton that "they’re targeting parents, because they’re going outside schools" and "I’m standing up for all the other single mums out there. We’re all trying to do our best, we’re all trying to make ends meet."

Essex Police said it has "identified those believed to be involved" after a video was released showing Sherrilyn Speid drive into two activists blocking a road.

The footage shows her shouting "my son needs to get to school and I need to get to work so get out of the way", before she gets back into her car and repeatedly drives it into the protesters.

The incident took place near Junction 31 of the M25 in Thurrock on October 13. Essex Police said its "inquiries are ongoing".

Speaking on Tonight Live with Dan Wootton, Speid said "if I don't go to work I don't get paid. My son deserves an education. It's completely wrong what they're doing," claiming that "they were rude and laughed at me" when she asked them to move.

Environmentalist Donnachadh McCarthy clashed with Speid on the programme, arguing that "she drove a car over peaceful women. What an example to give to her child."

Dan Wootton responded by saying "don't you come on this show and say I'm inciting murder. That's revolting."

On the day following the confrontation with Speid, climate group Insulate Britain suspended its road-blocking protests.

The organisation – which has caused misery for drivers with protesters sitting on the M25 motorway and other major roads – said it will stop its "campaign of civil resistance" until October 25.

In a letter to Boris Johnson, the group wrote: "Insulate Britain would like to take this opportunity to profoundly acknowledge the disruption caused over the past five weeks.

"We cannot imagine undertaking such acts in normal circumstances. But the dire reality of our situation has to be faced.

"We invite you to make a meaningful statement that we can trust… that your Government will take the lead needed to insulate and retrofit our homes."

Insulate Britain supporter Biff Whipster, a retail worker from Canterbury, unsuccessfully attempted to deliver the letter to Downing Street.

He told the PA news agency the group wants to "give the Government a bit of breathing space".

But he added it will "recommence blocking roads" unless there is a "trustworthy statement from Mr Johnson about what actions he’s taking".

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "Sitting on roads and preventing everyone else from going about their lawful business is downright dangerous and counterproductive.

"Rather than apologising to the motorist now and returning in a week-and-a-half, they must call off their reckless campaign forever."

Watch the full discussion with Sherrilyn Speid and Donnachadh McCarthy above.