Insulate Britain targets two major roads into London as demonstrations continue

The climate group targeted the A40 in west London and a roundabout in Dartford, Kent, urging the Government to better insulate homes.

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Insulate Britain has attempted to block two major roads into London after warning its “non-violent civil resistance” would continue on Wednesday.

The climate group targeted the A40 in west London and a roundabout in Dartford, Kent, urging the Government to better insulate homes.

Protesters began blocking traffic on the A-road junction with Gypsy Lane early on Wednesday morning, but in Dartford, Kent Police officers intervened before the protest began.

Officers escorted six activists away from the roundabout towards police vans in a nearby car park.

The Metropolitan Police force have been diverting traffic at the A40 site.

A force spokesperson said: “The Met is aware of Insulate Britain activists blocking the road at the A40 junction with Gypsy Lane in North Acton.

“Officers were promptly on the scene. Traffic has had to be diverted for the safety of all.”

Amy Pritchard, a protester in Dartford, said she has been arrested 11 times since September 13, but she feels the group’s cause is more important than any legal consequences she would face.

Ms Pritchard told the PA news agency: “We’ve been prevented from entering the roundabout.

“The police have not been charging us with anything or interviewing us.

“There’s been a political decision not to deal with us and we don’t want to be blocking roads, so it is fine.

“And we will continue until our demands are met and we are prevented from doing this.

“The decarbonisation at the speed and scale that is necessary is more important than the legal consequences for us all individually.”

One activist said she was prepared to lose her home and go to jail for the cause.

Suzie, 47, from Cambridge, who works in childcare, said: “If going to prison and losing my home is what it takes to get the Government to do the right thing and cut our carbon emissions then it’s a price worth paying.

“I can’t be a bystander while this Government betrays the public, our children and future generations by failing to defend our country from the climate crisis.

“Insulating Britain’s leaky homes has to come first. It will cut out a huge chunk of our carbon emissions, help families struggling with their energy bills and end fuel poverty.

“It’s such a basic first step that you have to wonder why the Government refuses to act. Don’t they care?”

Ben, 36, a geologist from Somerset, urged more people to join the action.

He said: “There is widespread agreement that insulating our homes is urgent and necessary and that Government plans are inadequate.

“The only question remaining is: will you join us on the motorway to demand action now?”

The demonstrations come despite four court injunctions taken out against the group.

Most recently the Government-owned National Highways secured a ban on activities which obstruct traffic on its 4,300-mile network of motorways and major A-roads in England.

This followed a super injunction granted to National Highways on Monday, which prohibits people from Insulate Britain from interfering with traffic on any part of the strategic road network in England.