Insulate Britain: Supporters hunger strike reaches 20th day in prison

Insulate Britain member Emma Smart's hunger strike has reached it's 20th day inside prison

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Insulate Britain protestors hunger strike continues into its twentieth day as the protest group supporter vows to continue until the government agrees to take action on fuel poverty and climate change. Emma Smart has now been joined on hunger strike by Dr Ben Buse who has now refused food for twelve days at HMP Thameside.

On 29th November Emma, 44 from Weymouth Dorset was moved to the hospital wing at HMP Bronzefield as staff became concerned about her health.

Speaking from her prison today she said, "As we approach the coldest days we have had this year I feel resolute that what I am doing is right. How long can this cowardly government continue to betray its people by delaying the action needed to ensure people in Britain do not have to make the choice whether to eat or heat each winter.”

Dr Ben Buse, 36, is a university researcher from Bristol who began his hunger strike on 25th November. Ben was sentenced on 17th November to four months in prison along with eight other Insulate Britain supporters.

He is due to appear at the High Court in London on 14th December along with eight new defendants on a further charge of contempt of court for breaking the government’s injunctions.

Last Tuesday other Insulate Britain supporters are staged a 24-hour fast outside Downing Street in solidarity with Emma and Ben.

Around 10 protesters were in London’s Whitehall, with some wearing hi-vis jackets and holding placards reading “Here for Emma and Ben” and “Hunger for justice”.