Insulate Britain protester who tied himself to post at Everton game vows to ‘grind infrastructure to a halt’ with more chaos planned

Louis McKechnie has told GB News he won't stop until the Government pulls the plug on digging fossil fuels out of the ground

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The Insulate Britain protestor who tied himself to a goalpost during Everton’s Premier League game with Newcastle last week has vowed to cause more chaos across the country in the coming weeks.

Engineering student Louis McKechnie, 21, used a cable tie around his neck to attach himself to the post during the first half of the game at Goodison Park, while wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt.

Speaking to GB News, he explained his actions: “I chose that game because of Newcastle’s ties to Saudi money, which is blood money basically.

“I took that action, locked myself by the neck to a goalpost because I’m terrified for my generation’s future.

Mr McKechnie tied himself to the post at Goodison Park
Mr McKechnie tied himself to the post at Goodison Park
Mr McKechnie wore a Just Stop Oil t-shirt
Mr McKechnie wore a Just Stop Oil t-shirt

"I’ve looked at the climate and social science and I’ve looked at what the IPCC and the UN are saying and they are saying we need to stop oil now and our Government aren’t doing it.

“The Government aren’t listening to the scientists. My generation is in the firing line and this is the last option that we have.”

Mr McKechnie added that he was happy with how the action turned out, before confirming that he and hundreds of others of campaigners are planning to “grind infrastructure to a halt” next month.

He added: “We’re going to be doing a lot more. At the start of April we are going to be grinding fossil fuel infrastructure to a halt.

“Hundreds and hundreds of people will be going out and locking these pieces of infrastructure with their bodies and getting arrested.

“This is the only chance we have to protect our generations future. If you have children this is the only chance you have to protect their long term future.”

When asked whether he had a message for the Government, Mr McKechnie said: “Either you stop new licensing for fossil fuels now or we will make you stop.

“We won’t stop until the Government agree to stop new fossil fuel licensing, stop digging it out of the ground.

“We won’t stop until they do this in a way that leaves nobody behind. That makes the fossil fuel companies and the ultra-wealthy pay for what they have done to the people of this country and the people of this planet.

“We will stop when the Government get a grip and act now."

The Government has been clear and consistent in its condemnation of the environmental activists, infamous for causing chaos on the M25 with a string of high-profile protests.

In December, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he was "appalled" by the £4.3million bill spent to police the chaos.