Insulate Britain appear to block ambulance in central London

Climate activists are pictured blocking a children's ambulance from attending a call out near Old Street roundabout

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A protest by climate campaigners, Insulate Britain, at Old Street roundabout has caused queues of traffic during rush hour.

The climate demonstrators have been pictured appearing to block an ambulance from attending to a call out. The campaign group always maintain their policy of allowing emergency services on blue lights to pass.

Protesters from Insulate Britain have blocked a junction of the M25 motorway and a major road in central London.

In a statement, Liam Norton from Insulate Britain said: “This isn’t a cause, this is about the deaths of our children before they get to grow old."

"This isn’t protesting, this is about doing whatever it takes to protect the future generations. And we want to be clear, this campaign will continue until the government gives us a meaningful statement we can trust, if that happens we will get off the roads like a shot”, said Liam Norton.

The climate activists said about 40 demonstrators are sitting on the road at junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and on the A501 at Old Street roundabout.

GB News' Mark White arrived at the protest in London and spoke to a Insulate Britain protestor who said "people don't realise how serious the climate crisis is" before being removed by the police.

Officers removed some of the activists off the road.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Arrests have been made at the M25 protest. Four people have been glued to the road, they’re being removed.

“Officers have opened up the slip-road to the A10.

Insulate Britain of protesters from Insulate Britain blocking Old Street roundabout in central London.
Insulate Britain of protesters from Insulate Britain blocking Old Street roundabout in central London.

“Activists at Old Street, Islington, continue to block the road where a number of people are also glued to the surface.

“This is causing an unreasonable disruption to the community. Specialist teams are on-scene and working to remove those protesting.”

It is the 12th day in the past four weeks that the group has carried out protests on roads.

Insulate Britain admitted its actions on the M25 are “in breach” of an injunction obtained by the Government last month.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps branded members of Insulate Britain “glued fools” and said they are “absolutely wrong” to launch fresh demonstrations.

He told LBC: “It’s dangerous, it’s really outrageous, and actually, ironically, it probably adds to pollution as cars idle, waiting for their nonsense… for them to be unglued from the road.”

He said: “Existing laws need toughening up to get these glued fools off the road, and the Home Secretary has said she will do that in the Crime and Sentencing Policing Bill that is going through Parliament.

“In the meantime, I have been applying actively for court injunctions, which cover the national highway network around London, around the South East. Now these people can go to jail for what they’re doing.

“I very much imagine that the courts will take very dimly of the view that they’re ignoring a court injunction. It can be unlimited fines, it can be six months in jail, we have been actively serving door-to-door individuals – over 100 have been served. And I think we’ll start to see the courts take a very, very dim view and lock some of these people up, it is unacceptable.”

He added: “I can tell you that those injunctions may well have been breached and people may be going to prison as a result.”