Influencers like KSI are the counter to left-wing propaganda says Nigel Farage

The GB News host spoke to many influencers at the KSI fight and described it as a transformative moment


Nigel Farage has said influencers are the antidote to modern day left-wing propaganda.

The GB News host was filmed proudly singing the national anthem at the KSI fight at the O2 over the weekend.

Many were surprised to see Nigel at the event, with the event attracting a younger audience.

But the GB News host has described it as a transformative moment, praising influencers as role models for young people.

He told GB News: "I'm guessing that virtually nobody in the Westminster media or politics will have spotted it, but, these influencers like KSI, followed by millions and millions of people are actually providing pretty good role models to our young people.

Nigel Farage on the KSI fight
Nigel Farage on the KSI fight

"They are a counter to the left-wing propaganda that is being fed to our youngsters through our schools and our universities.

"It was for me a really fascinating, transformative moment. I've seen out there that there is a big upwelling of millions of young people that are quite patriotic, quite decent.

"Something really, really interesting is going on here.

"Politically, there are millions of young people that will be voting in the next general election, and the one after, and these influencers could have a major impact on millions and millions of votes."

Nigel also hit out at professional boxing organisations for their perceived snobbery over Youtube boxing events.

He added: "The O2 was full, the average age was about 18, people were well turned out and incredibly well behaved.

"Of course we sang the national anthem and I did so with gusto as well.

"I talked to lots and lots of young people there, they said this is grass roots boxing, and even if the professional boxing federations turn their noses up at this, something remarkable is happening here."