Households warned after 'scammers' posing as BT workers scope out homes and ask about expensive tech

BT have urged people to 'remain vigilant' against potential scams


Households have been warned after reports of “scammers” posing as BT workers that have been scoping out homes and asking residents about expensive tech.

Residents have highlighted two individuals, both dressed in suits, who people should be keeping an eye on.

One worried homeowner in Hackney, east London took a photo of the two people in question.

Households are being warned about reports of people posing as BT workers
Households are being warned about reports of people posing as BT workers
BT Have urged people to "remain vigilant"
BT Have urged people to "remain vigilant"

Alongside the image, they said: "These are the two 'BT WIFI' people scoping out people's homes.

"One of them basically walked straight into my flat and asked what sort of MacBook I had.

"He then asked to look at my phone

"If you see either of them, contact police immediately. This was Edmeston Close this morning in E9,” they told The Sun.

While Soraya Aslam, a mother of three added: "They came round about a week ago, I opened the door and they asked if I knew who we had wifi with.

"Then they heard my husband and sons.

"He saw my eldest son - who is nearly six foot - and they left pronto.

"I think they were looking for vulnerable people to rob or steal from because I don't think they're from BT - though they had some kind of ID."

BT have urged people to “remain vigilant” against scammers, telling people to contact customer services if they feel someone is impersonating an employee of the company.

A BT spokesperson said: “We encourage everyone to remain vigilant against potential scams.

"If you are suspicious or uncomfortable with anyone claiming to be from BT, please contact our customer service team for support."