GPs slammed for blaming 'Covid' for delays - 'It's a bit like Squid Game'

Dawn Neesom, former Daily Star editor drew similarities between the GP crisis and getting into Fort Knox

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GP surgeries have been slammed for blaming Covid-19 amid the ongoing delays in the sector.

Dawn Neesom, former editor of the Daily Star, explained how the delays have affected three people she knows who have recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Ms Neesom, who drew similarities between the GP crisis and getting into Fort Knox, believes surgeries can no longer blame the pandemic.

Speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, she said: “I know three people personally who have been recently diagnosed with cancer unfortunately, including one very close to me.

Dawn Neesom speaking to Dan Wootton
Dawn Neesom speaking to Dan Wootton
Broadcaster, Narinder Kaur
Broadcaster, Narinder Kaur

“And It’s only because two of them were lucky enough to be able to pay to get a check-up.

“They would still be waiting, and as we all know with cancer, the longer you wait the worse the circumstances are.

“I’m very confused by this story, because on one hand we have GPs saying they are overworked, they want to cut their working hours, they can’t cope.

“But on the other hand we have nearly six in 10 GPs working a six day week, earning on

“So I’m confused, what is actually happening with our GP service, why are surgeries not open?

“My surgery, like many others, is still blaming Covid, that is not an excuse anymore, it is harder to get into than Fort Knox.”

While broadcaster, Narinder Kaur said the crisis is “a bit like Squid Games”, referring to the Netflix series where contestants play games and are killed if eliminated.

“I think it’s a bit like Squid Games.

“I had a ruptured cyst, I was in agony, I called the doctors, didn’t get to see them and they just said take paracetamol, take a Nurofen.

“I ended up in A&E, which is almost like torture it’s like they’re sending you as punishment. Sat there for 10, 11 hours.

"They were short staffed, I got sent home, said it was nothing and it wasn’t nothing it was a ruptured cyst.

"This happened for two months, I still couldn’t see a GP for two months."