Glastonbury act defends 'violent' drill rap lyrics: 'We’ve got Fast & Furious, people are getting speeding tickets'

Fumez the Engineer asked why people aren't asking the same questions of Grand Theft Auto and action films

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A British audio engineer has defended the lyrics in drill music, saying that he thinks “sometimes GTA and action moves go a bit far”.

Fumez the Engineer is due to appear at this weekend’s Glastonbury festival and perform in front of thousands.

Fumez the Engineer and Nigel Farage
Fumez the Engineer and Nigel Farage

But recently, there has been growing discussions over whether some lyrics in drill music go too far.

Speaking on GB News’s Farage on the matter, Nigel asked Fumez: “I just wonder don’t you sometimes think that goes a bit far?”

To which Fumez replied: "Sometimes I think GTA goes a bit far, I think action movies go a bit far,” referring to the video game Grand Theft Auto.

Fumez in discussion with Nigel
Fumez in discussion with Nigel

He added: “We’ve got Fast & Furious, people are driving around and still get speeding tickets, its offences and crimes as well.

“Are we looking into that though?”

The discussion comes after the head of the Crown Prosecution Service said that drill music is “not a crime”.

But he also added that music videos could be used in a court room to prove suspects charged with gang-related crimes know each other.

Max Hill QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions said such videos could also form “admissible evidence for a jury to consider”.