Glasgow resident 'catches eight Americans in her garden claiming great-grandparents owned her home'

The Glasgow resident was left bemused following the interaction


A Glaswegian home-owner was left "so confused" after she found eight Americans stumbling around her front garden.

Lanna Tolland, from Glasgow, was chilling on her sofa on Wednesday when she clocked a mob of people assembling on her front lawn.

The smiling group entered Ms Tolland's front garden through a small gate and proceeded to assemble on her front lawn.

The unsolicited visitors whipped out their mobile phones and began to snap pictures of themselves in front of her home.

An image of the American tourists capture by Lanna Tolland
An image of the American tourists capture by Lanna Tolland
The Glasweigan's Tweet has since gone viral
The Glasweigan's Tweet has since gone viral

The bemused resident was flabbergasted by the apparent intrusion, adding how her dogs were going "mental" at the trespassers.

She began sharing the encounter in a series of tweets.

In one tweet, which has since gone viral, Ms Tolland said: "No way. Lying on the couch with the blind still open and I see eight people I don’t know at the gate waving at me I’m like??"

Ms Tolland said she then questioned the group what on earth they were doing in her garden at 10:30pm on a Wednesday.

She explained: "Open the window and they’re all American giving it 'our great grandparents used to own this house can we have a look around' I thought this only happened on tele.”

The Glaswegian added: “They’re all getting pictures!! Dogs are going mental what is going on?”

The encounter has received over 14,000 likes, with Twitter users taking to the platform to share their own experiences.

One user responded: "Nahhhh basically same thing happened to me last week. I’m howling."

Another added: "Same thing happened to me some years ago, I gave them the old house number plate to take away with them, they were well chuffed."

While a third added: "This happened to me once.

"7 long lost cousins at the doorstep and the weirdest thing was I actually knew exactly who their ancestor was from some research I was doing on the family tree."