Gino D'Acampo divides opinion after sharing picture of him kissing daughter on the lips

Gino told people to get over it and get a life after receiving backlash


TV chef Gino D'Acampo has divided opinion among followers after posting a picture where he kisses his daughter on the lips.

The Italian cook who regularly appears on This Morning gave fans an insight into his family life by sharing pictures of his daughter Mia, nine.

In one, the cook is seen pulling a fish face while kissing his daughter, Mia, on the lips.

And after receiving backlash for the act, D'Acampo told anyone who didn't like it to get a life.

Gino D'Acampo kissed daughter Harper
Gino D'Acampo kissed daughter Harper

He wrote: "To all the haters out there……yes I still kiss my principessa on the lips, get over it and get a life …..GDx"

Football superstar David Beckham has previously been criticised for posting pictures where he is kissing his daughter Harper on the lips.

Gino previously gave fans an insight into The D’Acampo household.

David Beckham kisses daughter Harper
David Beckham kisses daughter Harper

The presenter and cookbook author shares three children, Luciano, 19, Rocco, 16, Mia, 8, with wife Jessica – eat together at 8pm every night.

“We don’t have mobile phones or television on or radio or anything like that. My family knows that when we eat, there is no distraction,” he explains. “We enjoy the meal, and we talk.”

His kids never really had any choice when it came to appreciating food.

“My wife is a great cook, I cook, so all our conversation, all our arguments, all our everything, always happens in the kitchen,” he said.

The only rebellions he gets are when it’s time to wash up – but, “I have organised myself for that,” he says with a laugh.

I got two dishwashers in the kitchen, so nobody has any excuses.”