Gina Carano slams 'dangerous cancel culture' after being fired from the Mandalorian

Ms Carano said she was fighting for her name after being cancelled by Disney


Actor Gina Carano has hit out at cancel culture after she was fired from Disney's flagship programme the Mandalorian.

Ms Carano played a key role in the first and second season of the Star Wars spin-off and was one of its most popular characters, Cara Dune.

But after questioning Covid lockdown policies on social media and likening the Holocaust to being a Trump supporter, Disney publicly announced she would not longer be appearing in the programme.

Now starring in Western Terror on the Prairie, Ms Carano slammed cancel culture for "stripping everything from her".

Gina Carano as Cara Dune
Gina Carano as Cara Dune

She said: "When I was canceled, I felt like everything was turned against me.

"Everything that I loved was just against me. I was fighting for my name. I just felt like everything was stripped from me.

"I feel like cancel culture is extremely dangerous. I think it starts putting us on the line of kind of like a social credit score. And … corporations are going to win that battle. They're going to win the social credit score.

"They're going to win the popularity battle because they have access to manipulating even the data, but they have access to manipulating the masses, whereas that robs from the individual."

She also told Fox News: "So I think that we need to look at things more individually, case by case … I understand that some companies don't want to associate themselves with some people.

"I might not want to either. I understand when people are fired. But when a company's preaching about being inclusive to all people, and they're not, they're just telling one side of the story, and they're just telling ... they're alienating half of, if not more, the country, I think that we've run into a big problem."