GB News viewer tells us she will have to stop working if National Insurance hike goes ahead

Rishi Sunak has been urged to scrap the tax hike in his Spring Statement announcement later today

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Brits have said they are going to stop working if the national insurance hike isn't scrapped by Rishi Sunak in today's Spring Statement.

The Chancellor has come under mounting pressure to drop the 1.25 national insurance percentage point increase and shield low income families from spiralling energy bills and inflation.

Sue Ashcombe-Hurt, previously told GB News about the drastic measures she has had to take in her home to reduce her energy costs, including wearing two jumpers around the house and eating one meal a day.

Now she has revealed she will have to stop working if the Chancellor announces a National Insurance hike.

Sue Ashcombe-Hurt discussed the cost-of-living crisis on GB News Breakfast show
Sue Ashcombe-Hurt discussed the cost-of-living crisis on GB News Breakfast show

She told us: “If this National Insurance rise goes ahead for pensioners, then I'm afraid I’m going to stop working.

"So, not only will he not get any money off me for National Insurance then he won't get any extra income tax off me either".

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak

It is predicted the increase is going to cost the average worker £250 a year.

Both the Chancellor and Boris Johnson have previously insisted the tax raid would go ahead as it was required to fund health and social care.

An alternative to scrapping the rise could also be to shift the thresholds for when the payments are made. The Resolution Foundation has suggested the threshold is lifted from £9,568 to £12,500.

The Chancellors’ Spring Statement announcement will take place later today.

It is expected he will issue out a host of tax cuts and freezes that will support Brits hit hardest by the economic fallout from Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Ms Ashcombe-Hurt told GB viewers to keep her energy bills down she has been spending most of her time at home with two tops on, having only one meal a day and drinking hot drinks to stay warm.

She said: "Energy prices are the most worrying thing... I started going to bed earlier now, as it's warmer in bed than it is downstairs".

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