GB News guest slams ‘state-sponsored racial discrimination’ as white teachers face being laid off

The new contract agreed between Minneapolis' public schools and teachers union has sparked fury in the US

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A GB News guest has slammed the “state-sponsored racial discrimination” after a new contract in Minneapolis could see white school teachers being laid off before teachers of colour.

The contract, agreed between Minneapolis' public schools and teachers union, means that teachers will no longer be let go solely on seniority.

Instead schools can opt to get rid of staff if it otherwise means that a teacher of colour may have to be let go.

The contract has been slammed by many, including teachers who have protested against the move.

Nigel Farage and James Golden
Nigel Farage and James Golden
Mr Golden has slammed the contract
Mr Golden has slammed the contract

Speaking about the contract on GB News’ Farage, radio host James Golden said: “What the teachers union is saying that proposes this absurd contract is that this is supposed to be the remedy for past discrimination that in the past that they discriminated against teachers of colour or people who applied for the jobs.

“And therefore, people of colour are unrepresented in the school system, this they see as the remedy.

“So, in layoffs the white teachers will be laid off regardless of seniority.

“Obviously, it’s absurd, obviously by signing onto this contract the state has now endorsed state-sponsored racial discrimination.

“If there was a problem that could be proven in the past, there would’ve been no problem had the Minneapolis teacher’s union and the school coming together and saying we’re going to find those people that we harmed and we’re going to make them whole.

“But to do this as a blanket racist approach is absolutely absurd and it’s only going to inflame tensions and its only going to create more divisions over something at a time where people should be trying to figure out how to narrow the divisions instead of widening them.”