GB News guest says the ‘wrong people are having children’ in education rant: ‘Any idiot can have a child’

Suzanne Evans has called on schools to begin parenthood classes to educate children 'right from the word go'

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Suzanne Evans believes the “wrong people are having children”, adding that “any idiot can have a child,” in a strongly worded discussion on GB News.

Her comments come after a report revealed that some children arriving at primary schools are unable to say their own names.

Suzanne Evans
Suzanne Evans
Ms Evans has called on schools to begin parenthood classes
Ms Evans has called on schools to begin parenthood classes

While others are not toilet trained and are still eating baby foods, the report by the Times Education Commission showed.

As a result, Ms Evans has called for parenthood classes to be introduced into schools, so that children are educated “about the responsibilities” of becoming a parent.

When discussing the issue on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, host Patrick Christys said “I don’t think we’re looking after our kids”.

Before Ms Evans replied: “I think the problem is and I think this is going to sound quite radical, I think the wrong people are having children in the first place.

“It’s always struck how it’s so easy to have a child.

“You can’t drive a car without taking a test, you have to do exams at schools in order to be able to get qualifications and there are so many other things in life.

“But any idiot can have a child and has no idea but to bring it up.

“You can’t obviously say you must not have children, but I think actually you’ve got a situation here where if kids aren’t ready for school then their parents aren’t ready for parenthood.

“I think we should be teaching parenthood classes not just to grownups but actually in schools and educating kids right from the word go about the responsibilities of parenthood.”