GB News’ Alice Porter loses her hat as wind disrupts live broadcast from Hampstead Heath

GB News' Alice saw her hat fall victim to an unexpected gust of wind


Alice Porter, reporting for GB News on today’s scorching temperatures from Hampstead Heath, lost her hat to a wayward breeze.

On The Briefing with Tom Harwood, Tom was discussing the recent heatwave and the scorching temperatures.

Alice outlined the precautions that those vulnerable to the heat should take, including drinking water, staying at home, and applying sunscreen.

Her hat was then blown by the wind into the reeds behind, leaving Alice visibly stunned.

GB News' Alice Porter
GB News' Alice Porter
The hat is rescued
The hat is rescued

Tom exclaimed “Goodness me!”, and there was a brief break from the report in order for the “hat-rescue mission” to be carried out.

Luckily, the hat was saved by an intrepid paddle-boarder.

Today marks another day of the heatwave sweeping the UK.

Temperatures reached 30.7C in Heathrow at 11am this morning, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

They have continued to rise since, reaching 32C this afternoon.

A Level 3 Heat-Health alert has been issued by the UK Health Security Agency for London, the South-East of England and the East.

While today may only get warmer, the heatwave is set to end on Sunday amidst an outbreak of rain.