Gay Santa: Norwegian postal service ad gives Father Christmas boyfriend

Posten's video is called 'When Harry Met Santa', a reworking of the romantic comedy classic 'When Harry Met Sally'

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The Norwegian postal service have caused a stir online, after releasing a video in which Father Christmas tenderly kisses his same-sex partner.

The advertisement from Posten has reworked the romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, with the alternative “When Harry Met Santa”.

The ad is designed to tell the story of Harry, who waits all year to spend an evening with the person he loves - Santa.

Posten's video shows the couple exchanging gifts and eventually falling in love.

Father Christmas is found waiting for Harry in his home on Christmas morning.

He says to Harry: "Well, I arranged some help this year so I can be with you."

The pair draw near to one another and share their first kiss. As the scene ends, the advert concludes: “In 2022, Norway marks 50 years of being able to love whoever we want.”

The video got a mixed reaction on social media.

One user wrote "Mrs Claus won't be happy", whilst another wrote more positively "The whole video made me cry, so touching."