Gareth Southgate would be happier ‘as a diversity officer for a county council’ than England manager

Rod Liddle also described England 'a laughing stock across the world" for their "ludicrous knee-bending shenanigans'


Gareth Southgate might be happier “as a diversity officer for a county council” than England football team manager, Rod Liddle has suggested.

Southgate has received backlash following England’s 4-0 home Nations League defeat to Hungary on Tuesday.

“You don’t know what you’re doing” echoed around Molineux as Hungary inflicted England’s biggest home defeat since 1928.

England manager Gareth Southgate
England manager Gareth Southgate

Shortly after the game, #SouthgateOut was trending on Twitter with fans seemingly had enough of his time in charge of the men’s national team.

And while Mr Liddle called for Southgate to be sacked, he also hit out at England’s “knee-bending shenanigans”, referring to the team taking the knee before matches.

Fans are calling for Southgate to be sacked
Fans are calling for Southgate to be sacked

He told The Sun: “This isn’t about his ludicrous knee-bending shenanigans, which are rapidly making England a laughing stock across the world.

"He is a very sanctimonious man, for sure, and it does grate a little.

“But frankly, as an England fan, I’d be happy to see him spend his entire life down on one knee if I thought that he was actually any good at his job.

“But that’s the problem — he isn’t, is he? Instead, he seems to have the tactical nous of a sherbet lemon.

“When the defeats come, in the big matches, he always says he takes the responsibility.

“But that’s no use if he never learns from it. I don’t know what he has to do to get the boot. He seems immovable.

"Yet I think that he would be better employed as the diversity officer for a county council. He might also enjoy it more.”