Former President of Ukraine calls for 'de-Putinisation' of Russia, Europe and the World

Petro Poroshenko spoke to GB News about Ukraine's goals to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin


Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke to GB News Political Editor Darren McCaffrey about the ongoing war in Ukraine and stressed the need to "de-Putinise Russia, Europe and the world."

Mr Poroshenko, who served as the fifth president of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019, told GB News about the country's military objectives: "We will push Russian out of Donbas, Crimea."

The former Ukrainian President spoke out against Russia's Vladimir Putin: "Putin is completely unpredictable."

"I have two recommendations, don't trust Putin. Putin never keeps his word. Recommendation number two is don't be afraid of Putin."

Petro Poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko

Darren McCaffrey asked Mr Poroshenko what a Ukrainian victory would look like and which regions they hope to regain from Putin's forces.

He replied: "Donbas and Crimea definitely. De-Putinise Russia, Europe and the world because, if we do not do it, in one or two years time Putin can knock at the door of any neighbouring country or maybe not even neighbour."

Volodymyr Zelenskyy's predecessor thanked the UK for it's support: "I want to appreciate to use this opportunity to thank the British people for their enormous solidarity with us."

Darren McCaffrey spoke to Petro Poroshenko about the war in Ukraine
Darren McCaffrey spoke to Petro Poroshenko about the war in Ukraine

His comments come after Leo Docherty MP said the Ukrainian armed forces were seeing a “wholesale institutional reinvigoration” thanks to aid from the UK and on Army cuts, he said that “thanks to the £24 billion uplift in defence spending, we are in good shape and we are a good size”.

The defence minister also gave an update on assistance provided to Ukraine so far, including more than 6,900 new anti-tank missiles, “a further consignment of Javelin anti-tank missiles”, and eight air defence systems.

He reiterated commitments to send 300 more missiles, armoured fighting vehicles and other support including “anti-ship systems”, as well as further humanitarian aid.

“The United Kingdom has confirmed £1.3 billion of new funding for military operations and aid to Ukraine,” he added.