Former Mumford & Sons’ star Winston Marshall explains why he quit band after being cancelled on Twitter

Mr Marshall spent 14 years with the band, winning two Brit awards and a Grammy

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Winston Marshall has explained why he quit the world-renowned band Mumford and Sons after being cancelled on Twitter.

Mr Marshall was a founding member of the rock band, spending 14 years with them.

He helped them release two chart-topping albums, while also winning two Brits and a Grammy.

But in March 2021, Mr Marshall was branded a fascist after tweeting about a book investigating the political movement Antifa.

Winston Marshall quit Mumford & Sons' last June
Winston Marshall quit Mumford & Sons' last June
Mr Marshall speaking to Dan Wootton
Mr Marshall speaking to Dan Wootton

The tweet to the book's author Andy Ngo said: “Congratulations. Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man.”

He later tweeted an apology which said: “Over the past few days I have come to better understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed.”

But following the backlash, Mr Marshall decided to leave the band last June.

And speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Marshall spoke out on why he made that decision: “I wanted to protect the band because I hit a hot button issue.

“There a few of these hot button issues, it may be Palestine, it may be the trans debate and these issues do ignite the worst sides of the debates and people.

“That was a regret of mine that I done that, it was an accident, but I didn’t think it was the right thing for them to come under the bus with me, so I thought the best thing to do was for me to walk away.”

Wootton asked Mr Marshall: “Do you still have a positive relationship with them (the rest of the band) today?”

To which the musician replied: “I want that band to be successful and I’d hate for what I’ve done to bring them done, so yea I wish them nothing but the best.”