Former BBC presenter Dan Walker says corporation made 'mistake' with coverage of Prince Philip's death

The Former BBC presenter disagreed with how the broadcaster covered the death of Prince Phillip


Former BBC Presenter Dan Walker has slammed the corporations blanket coverage of Prince Phillip's death.

Mr Walker criticised the broadcasting of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, stating "you can't force grief upon a nation".

Radio 4's The Media show welcomed Mr Walker and BBC Royal correspondent Jonny Dymond on to their show earlier this week, discussing royal coverage over the years.

The 45-year-old former BBC Presenter joins Channel 5 as a news presenter next week.

During the show on Radio 4, Mr Walker said when he rehearsed coverage for royal deaths at the BBC, he suggested that the tone went "too far" in being deferential.

Dan Walker left the BBC for a position at Channel 5
Dan Walker left the BBC for a position at Channel 5

Mr Walker added: "I feel that you could naturally show that a story is difficult to talk about, is sad, is of national, international importance, without going too far."

Referencing the duplication of coverage across the broadcasters channels in the wake of Prince Phillips death, Mr Walker expressed how the BBC had been "rightly" criticised for their coverage, adding: "'I think that's where the balance should have come in.

"Because you can't force grief upon a nation. You can report on it... but you can't make everybody feel the same way."

The BBC was inundated with thousands of complaints following their coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh's death in April last year.

The broadcaster said it made scheduling changes with "careful consideration", and acknowledged how viewers felt "unhappy with the level of coverage" and the affect it had on their TV schedule.

Mr Walker announced his departure from the BBC in a tweet earlier this year. The 45-year-old presenter told the BBC's Newscast podcast his move the Channel 5 is "a really interesting thing for me to be doing".