Fish and chips could soon be taken off menu as WWF report calls for Government action

As part of the report, the WWF investigated how much fish is consumed by Brits

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Fish and Chips could soon be taken off the menu in the UK as a report from the WWF calls for Government action to help protect endangered species.

The report, titled 'Risky Seafood Business', investigated the total number of fish consumed by Brits.

The WWF claim that a total of 887,000 tonnes of seafood was eaten by people in 2019 - the equivalent to 5.2 billion portions of fish and chips.

Among the most popular fish included haddock and cod, which accounted for 29 percent of the total.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Fish and chips is a much loved meal across the UK
Fish and chips is a much loved meal across the UK

While 81 percent of the seafood was fished or farmed outside of UK waters.

The WWF also investigated the supply chains of 33 of the most popular seafood items to determine the risk each poses in terms of production and consumption.

Mussels, sardines, and herring were found to be of relatively low risk, but swordfish, tuna and squid were deemed to be of high risk.

The report went on to say that more than 250 Endangered, Threatened and Protected species have been impacted by fisheries supplying UK markets.

As a result, the WWF is urging for more to be done to address the problem, calling on the Government to take action to ensure that all seafood produced and consumed in the UK comes from sustainable source by 2030.

WWF spokeswoman Kate Norgrove said: “The ocean is the blue heart of our planet.

“Protecting this precious resource should be the top priority of every single fishery around the world.

“Yet for too long unsustainable practices have gone unchecked, draining the ocean of life.”

Ms Norgrove added: “Moves to strengthen certification for sustainable seafood across the supply chain are a vital first step but they are not an end point.

“Along with efforts from retailers to improve transparency across global seafood supply chains, establishing core environmental standards for all food sold in the UK – including seafood – would have a transformative impact.

“We urge the UK Government to play its part and take that step.”