Failed eco policies have empowered tyrants like Putin and autocratic regimes like Saudi Arabia, says Mark Dolan

New data from the HMRC and the Office for National Statistics, revealed the UK’s total exports in the last quarter of the year, reached just under £100billion

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Now I'm not one, to make a drama out of a crisis. The terrifying heatwave, we saw in July was no such thing.

The high temperatures, were the welcome manifestation, of something called summer, about which most of the media, appeared unaware, as they whipped us into a frenzy, about how half the population would collapse with sunstroke, if they left the house.

None of the pessimistic hysteria, around project fear and Brexit came to light either. A run on the pound, the flight of capital, a housing market crash, high interest rates. None of it happened. It’s my view, that Brexit is going pretty well and we haven’t even started yet. Don’t take my word for it.

New data from the HMRC and the Office for National Statistics, revealed the UK’s total exports in the last quarter of the year, reached just under £100billion. The highest level on record.

Mark Dolan says there are reasons to be optimistic as Britain faces an energy crisis.
Mark Dolan says there are reasons to be optimistic as Britain faces an energy crisis.

And then of course there was the Covid hysteria, around a virus that has could be nasty, and took, TOO many, from us, but which was mild or non-existent for most. What WAS, in my view, a diabolical and colossal overreaction to this bug, is why we are now, in the trouble we are in. Heatwaves, Brexit, a novel respiratory virus, all heavily billed as Armageddon, but on closer inspection, were anything but. However, I hate to tell you, but we are NOW, in trouble.

Old Vladimir Putin, the large table addicted, germophobic, topless horseback-riding, freakshow of a man, has switched off the Nordstream 1 gas supply, blaming a leak.

A leak, eh Vladimir? Is that why you turned it off? I’d file that, under the Meghan Markle school of credibility. It's quite clear what he's up to.

He's turning the screw on the west. By blocking supplies of gas, upon which countries like Germany and Italy, are so dependent, we will see wholesale gas prices, spiral further.

But you've got to understand, that, HELLISH warmonger though he is, ALL of this, is on US. Putin's power, comes from the eco zealots in the West, who rejected the colossal reserves of shale, oil, coal and gas on its own shores, not least here in the UK, where, we would now be, comfortably energy independent, if we had simply mined, from our own resources.

Something achieved by the Americans, when they green-lit, shale gas exploration, over a year ago. To make matters worse, eco-zealots here and abroad, even blocked investment in nuclear - a carbon free, reliable and secure source of long-term energy.

Just think how many nuclear power stations we could've built, with the 34 billion quid we spunked away, on that pathetic test and trace system during the pandemic, for a virus that was never going to be stopped, and which has a survivability rate of over 99%. Well done everyone.

Now I'm all for solar, wind power and wave technology. But it was patently clear that a mix was going to be needed, given the enormous cost of renewables, and their temperamental and uneven performance. When the wind drops, the turbines stop spinning, on a cloudy day the solar panels, slip into standby.

And dear old Angela Merkel, the most overrated politician in European history, proudly declared that Germany was going to reject, nuclear FUEL in 2011, rendering the Germans, reliant on Vladimir Putin's gas, paying him billions, to this day, and effectively bankrolling his war machine.

But it's not like they weren't warned.

Donald Trump laid it out in no uncertain terms, to the Germans, when he was president in 2018.

The West were so arrogant. They thought they could go green, at a cost of tens of billions of pounds to their own citizens, whilst countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil continued to burn fossil fuels for fun.

It was political and strategic folly, on an unprecedented scale. Vladimir Putin is the symptom, but the woke west is the cause, worshipping at the altar of climate change. Go woke, no smoke. So here's where we are.

The Daily Mail report that experts are warning, of energy rationing this winter, with people told not to cook until after 8pm, pubs closing at 9pm, a 'three-day-a-week' for schools, care homes cancelling outings for residents and swimming pools left unheated.

Now you know me, my glass is half full. I seek good news, where I can find it. I want this show to lift you, not grind you down, but frankly with regards to the energy crisis, there is actually nothing that we can do.

In time, absolutely, grant fracking licenses, commission the nuclear power stations and pursue renewables, but for the next few months, we are powerless, to avoid the spiralling cost, of global energy prices.

And here's the kicker, we haven't even got the money, with which to help hard pressed Brits, heat their homes this winter.

Let me remind you that people like myself were vilified, for questioning lockdowns, printing money and borrowing half a trillion. I'm on record as saying then, what happens, if we need that money, for a future emergency.

Well here we are folks, and the cupboard is bare. The truth is, that it's just not an option, for thousands of hospitality venues, care homes, schools and private dwellings, to shoulder this cost.

Take a look at this tweet from a restaurant owner:

"My current energy bill for my tiny 22 cover restaurant is £2,928 a year. This is my new quote - £22,000. Unsure what to actually do next, but as a business, that cost would now be more than I pay in rent, and more than I take some months. I simply don’t have the money for this."

Shocking and terrifying. On this occasion, our next incoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, will I'm afraid have to return to the magic money tree, and roll out a package of support, for millions of Brits this winter, that will be on a scale of the furlough scheme.

Furlough itself was a disgrace, because we should never have locked down, and paid healthy people to stay at home and close once viable businesses. But an energy furlough scheme, for the next few months is not just essential, but inevitable.

But just remember how we got here. Failed eco policies, which have enriched and empowered tyrants like Putin, and autocratic regimes, like Saudi Arabia.

And don't forget, that we don't have the financial resources, with which to comfortably tackle this crisis, because we had a collective mental breakdown, over a predominantly mild virus. But here's my note of optimism.

Liz Truss is a 'doer', says Mark Dolan.
Liz Truss is a 'doer', says Mark Dolan.

We've got a new prime minister coming in, and I think it's time for a fresh approach, and new ideas. Liz Truss is a doer, not a talker, and has been a dynamic force in every department, in which, she has served.

She's not the best public speaker, and she will make plenty of mistakes, as she learns on the job. But she gets things done.

I for one, will give here the benefit of the doubt. And energy independence, must be her number one priority.

And Britain, is still an economic powerhouse, with low unemployment and a talented, dynamic, creative and hard working population.

We continue enjoy a huge capacity, to borrow further, with which to support the economy, and the people, in the months ahead.

This time it's justified.

There's trouble brewing folks; there are dark times ahead. A chill wind blows. But with brave, and clear SIGHTED leadership, and a commitment, to never again, repeat the mistakes of the past, we can make the best of a bad situation, navigate our way through what will be a challenging couple of years, and come out even stronger.

But for now, if I were you, I’d invest in a duffle coat this winter.